Nonphosphatic antibacterial detergent "A.SEPT" with enzymes, 15 kg


Liquid soap antibacterial for hands and body with farnesol "Septi Soap" (Septia Soap), 5l

Nonphosphate antibacterial detergent tm "A.SEPT" with enzymes, 700gr

Specially designed to fight bacteria on dirty clothes and in the washing machine drum. Protein molecules - enzymes, provide a highly effective washing action and removal of stubborn dirt. Powder does not contain phosphates and aggressive chemicals.
Besfosfatny laundry detergent A.SEPT with enzymes, due to the presence of antibacterial components in the composition, prevents the multiplication of bacteria during washing.
Washing powder is suitable for colored and white fabrics, does not destroy the fibers of fabrics and allows you to keep the original color of things.


Ingredients: sodium percarbonate (5-15%), water (5-10%), corrosion inhibitor, anionic surfactant (<5%), soap based on vegetable oils, non-ionic surfactant, Trilon B, sodium chloride, carbonates, enzymes, acid citric acid, TAED bleaching activator, carboxymethylcellulose, optical bleach, flavoring.

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