A means for disinfection of surfaces with a washing effect t. "A.SEPT" with chicken spray PRO, 1L New


Detergent antib tm "A.Sept" acid "Clean Way-San" (Clin Wei-san), 750 ml

A disinfectant for surfaces with an odorless smell A.SEPT PRO with a trigger spray, 1 liter

The main active substances are undecylenimidopropyltrimonium methsulphate in the range of 1.0-1.5% and ethyl alcohol in the range of 5.0-15.0%, auxiliary substances: propylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, formic acid, citric acid, benzyl alcohol EDTA, odor, 5-chloro, 2-methyl, 4-isothiazolinone-3, water purified to 100.

Disinfection of solid surfaces of premises, equipment and inventory (enterprises of the food and processing industry, restaurant, trade, communal services, transport, health care institutions, pharmacies, sanatoriums, sports and recreation, communications, social protection, educational, educational- educational institutions of all types, regardless of their subordination, forms of ownership and accreditation, hairdressers, cosmetologic clinics and salons, banking institutions, places of temporary residence and mass stay of a person Hey.

The product is not compatible with anionic surfactants and soaps.

Spectrum of antimicrobial action: Means t. A. Sept for bactericidal disinfection and neutralization of bad smells are bactericidal (including tuberculosis), virulidic (including hepatitis agents, HIV, intestinal viral infections), fungicides (including pathogens of candidiasis and dermatomycosis, molds) and sporocidal properties.

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