A disinfectant for surfaces with an odorless smell A.SEPT PRO with a trigger spray, 1 liter


Zasib tm "A.Sept" for disinfection from top of neutrality and unacceptable odors, 250 ml

Detergent antib tm "A.Sept" acid "Clean Way-San" (Clin Wei-san), 750 ml

Thanks to A.SEPT CleanWay San's reinforced concentrated formula, it easily removes dirt, limescale, rust and urinary stone deposits. The tool has an antibacterial effect, kills bacteria and fungi. After use, unpleasant odors disappear, leaving a light mint flavor. Regular use of an antibacterial detergent will ensure the sanitary cleanliness of the toilet room.


Ingredients: water, phosphoric acid (5-15%), anionic surfactants (<5%), citric acid, sodium chloride, flavor, dye.

70.00 грн.

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