A.Sept was founded in 2006 in cooperation with German and Dutch partners and is an enterprise producing antibacterial products that protect the population from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

At the initial stage of its activity, A.Sept attracted to the Ukrainian market giants-manufacturers of antibacterial products of world importance, having many years of experience in dealing with pathogens that the planet’s population faces every day. Among them are German, Japanese and Russian companies, known to the world market of antibacterial protection for their many years of experience, high production efficiency and environmental friendliness of production.

Partnership with such strong brands gave A.Sept an opportunity to gain a strong position in the B2B antiseptics market, where more than 500 enterprises became customers of the company, including: the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Main Military Clinical Hospital of Kiev, the State Clinic Feofania , private clinic “Isida”, State enterprise “Ukrzaliznichpostach”, Ministry of Education, Coca Cola, BMW Ukraine, etc. This has led to an understanding of the need for the consumer to create a supply line of personal oh protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi. The Ukrainian consumer was practically deprived of this protection, remaining alone with the pathogenic microorganisms up to the onset of the first symptoms with which medical assistance is needed.

This is how the A.Sept TM product line appeared, aimed at combating pathogenic microbes before they became the cause of any disease.

All products under A.Sept TM are as safe as possible for humans and the environment. The effectiveness and safety of all A.Sept products is confirmed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, all funds are included in the list of state registration of disinfectants of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Each product is created according to the formulation of developments of leading European companies. The microbiological laboratory, accredited by COFRAC, tests products for their effectiveness in protecting against ALL known strains of microbes, bacteria and viruses.

A separate customer service laboratory assesses the compatibility of preparations with all materials used in the daily life of a person, tests for allergenicity and safety.

Each A.Sept product is a product of intellectual antibacterial protection, created with maximum consideration for the needs of the human body and the environment. The latest developments in composition and high-quality raw materials make it possible to speak boldly about the antiseptic of the new generation, created with the condition of preserving the maximum safety of man and the environment.

To create antiseptic agents, the company uses the raw materials of manufacturing companies, with whom the world's leading manufacturers of antiseptics work. Each supplier is the best in its field in the global market. Among them: KAO Chemicals * (Nimechchina, Japan), COCNIS Deutschland GmbH (Nimechchina), Clariant, (Nimechchina), BASF **, (Nimechchina), COGNIS Deutschland, (Nimechchina), "Adzhant Kemikals Industries" (India), " Akema srl ​​”(Italy), MANE (France), SCHULKE & MAYR *** (Nimechchina), NipaLaboratories / Clariant (Nimechchina), ROHM & HAAS (USA), Eur-O-Compound (Belgium), Simrise (Nimechchina), Cognos, Eur-O-Compound (Belgium), Simrise (Nimechchina) Nimechchina), Amerhol (Nimechchina), “Zohar” (Israel), “Danisco”, (Finland), AkzoNobel (Netherlands), Res Pharma (Italy), NOVEON (USA), ISP (Switzerland), Alban Muller (France), Rhodia Chemie (France), Ciba Specialty Chemicals (Switzerland).

The mission of the company is to form a healthy society in Ukraine, each member of which cares about their health and that of their loved ones. Reducing the incidence in Ukraine. Protecting the population from infections and pathogens through the use of prophylactic means of maintaining health. Bringing to the Ukrainian market world experience in the culture of using preventive methods to protect humans from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Creating an informed stratum of the population who chose a healthy and qualitatively new lifestyle based on personal hygiene and the use of high-quality antibacterial protection A.Sept. Formation of a person of new consciousness, applying preventive remedies in the struggle of the modern world with the health of each of us. A person who is confident in his security and health today, tomorrow and forever.

All products of A.Sept TM are conventionally divided into categories of personal care products, household chemicals and a series of products for children.

Thus, the category of personal care products include:

- gel for disinfecting hands;

- spray for disinfecting hands;

- antibacterial hand foam;

- antibacterial foam for hands and body;

- liquid antibacterial soap;

- liquid soap for hands and body with farmazole.

The category of household products include:

- express air disinfection;

- a universal means for disinfecting surfaces with a detergent effect